Escape with us, catch a wave, and sit on top of the world in fine style, where your love keeps you floating and your heart anchored forever!

Honeymoon on the Yacht

Embark on the next chapter of your lives with the romantic elegance of our  honeymoon package. This package includes a variety of extras to make your stay all the more special:
  • Champagne*

  • Romantic dinner  handcrafted by our skilled top rated private chef

  • Wake up to breakfast in bed

  • Sail away from one Caribbean Island to the next or experience our 4 hour minimum of cruising

  • DJ on board

  • Premium Bar

  • Bartender & Hostess

  • Photographer if requested (priced separately)

  • A minimum stay of 3 nights at the villa after your wedding night, then sail away for one or two days at sea enjoying the beautiful Island of Jamaica

  • A minimum stay of 3 nights is required if not staying at the villa. 

Also including the following :

Beach toys, floating mats, paddle boards, snorkeling etc.

The Perfect Getaway

  • Birthday

  • Aniversary

  • Photoshoots

  • Island Hoppings & More

While onboard, we offer snorkelling, sunning mat, paddle boarding, grilling with onboard chefWee also different packages. Our premium and VIP Services Include a top shelf International bar, a chef to prepare your luch onboard, or fingerfoods delivers correctly.